Prunus cerasus ‘Balaton’- Sour Cherry – 7-Gallon


The varieties ‘Balaton,’ ‘Danube’ (larger) and ‘Jubileum’ (sweeter) are recent Morello-type (red flesh) introductions from Hungary. They are also known as pie cherries – very juicy and pleasantly acid, making them superior for cooking compared to sweet cherries. These varieties have enough sweetness that they can also be eaten straight from the tree – they’re sweeter, larger and more firm than the ever popular ‘Montmorency’  pie cherry. Sour cherries are self-fertile –  they do not require cross-pollination. Rootstock is either Mahaleb (slightly dwarfing and for light, sandy soils) or Mazzard (tolerant of wetter soils). We also carry ‘Northstar,’ a naturally dwarf (7-9’), vase-shaped tree with large, bright red, yellow-fleshed fruits.

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