Pyrus communis ‘Magness’ – European Pear – 5-Gallon


A cross of ‘Seckel’ and ‘Doyenne du Comice’ that is as close to pear perfection as we have ever had the pleasure to eat. ‘Magness’ is a medium-sized, sweet, very high quality dessert pear that ripens about a week after ‘Bartlett’ in early September – it will ripen properly right on the tree. Skin is greenish-brown, covered with light russet. Flesh is soft, juicy, and almost free of grit cells. Tree is vigorous, spreading, and very resistant to fire blight. Sometimes tardy to start bearing, but the fruit quality makes up for the light early cropping (branch-spreading will significantly help). Excellent keeper. ‘Magness’ does not produce good pollen so you will need at least 3 varieties of pears in your orchard if you choose to include ‘Magness’. Why this variety isn’t found in supermarkets where it would dominate the competition is beyond us. You’ll need to grow one in your own yard to sample its “pear-fection.”


OHxF87, Semi-dwarf rootstock, 70% of Standard, 15-18′

Updated 8/23/2021