Pyrus communis x pyrifolia ‘Kieffer’- Pear – 7-Gallon


Kieffer is generally used as a canning pear or for culinary purposes not as a desert pear. The sweet, large, bright yellow to bronze fruit ripen about a month later than most pears. They should be picked when still fairly hard and allowed to fully ripen in a cool place. Even then the fruit texture will be firm It‛s one of the best “keepers” meaning it has a long storage life. ‘Kieffer‛ is perhaps the most disease-resistant of the pears and it bears at an early age. It‛s the only self-fertile pear and is an excellent pollenizer for a home orchard.


OHxF333, Semi-dwarf rootstock, 50% of Standard, 12-15′

Secondary Image from The Pears of New York (1921)