Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Shinseiki’- Asian Pear – 7-Gallon


A round, yellow-skinned, firm fruit that is early-maturing (mid- to late-August) and stores for up to three months from harvest under refrigeration. In appearance it resembles ’20th Century’ but is a little less flavorful. The flavor is still considered good to excellent. Trees are self-fruitful in California, but in our climate they will produce larger and more uniformly, round fruit with cross-pollination. Occasionally cross-pollination results in too heavy a fruit-set and heavy thinning becomes necessary for good fruit size.

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For many years we haven’t offered Asian pears because they are quite susceptible to fireblight. This year (2021) we’ve decided to offer them again because we’ve been receiving a number of requests. If all goes well we will begin to expand our offerings.

Photo by Glysiak, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons