Pyrus communis ‘Shenandoah’- European Pear – 5-Gallon


A 2003 release from the USDA breeding program at the Ohio Agricultural Research Center at Wooster. This luscious new pear has a spicy aromatic flavor derived from higher than average acidity balanced with a high level of sugars. ‘Shenandoah’ stores well – if properly chilled – for about four months. It also suffers very little core breakdown during storage. It’s a large pear that matures in late September, four to five weeks after ‘Bartlett’. ‘Shenandoah’ is not immune to fireblight but has good resistance inherited from ‘Seckel.’ Other parents include ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Roi Charles du Wurtemberg.’ It’s a precocious bearer and considerably more productive than ‘Bartlett.’


OHxF97, Standard rootstock, 18-22′

Available Fall 2022

Updated 8/23/2021