Pyrus communis ‘Sunrise’ – European Pear – 5-Gallon


A 2006 release from the USDA breeding program at the Ohio Agricultural Research Center in Wooster, OH. Selected for resistance to fireblight by using P. communis ‘Seckel,’ a highly resistant variety of European pear along with ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Comice’ and P. pyrifolia ‘New Jersey 1,’ a highly resistant variety of Asian or Sand Pear. Flesh is creamy white, buttery, moderately fine in texture, and moderately juicy, similar to ‘Bartlett’. Grit content and size are light, similar to or better than ‘Bartlett.’ Flavor is sweet to subacid, being slightly less acidic than ‘Bartlett’ and ‘Clapp’s Favorite’, and lightly aromatic. Consumer ratings of flavor, appearance, and overall quality have been comparable to or higher than ‘Bartlett.’ ‘Sunrise’ stores well, lasting 2-3 months in proper refrigeration. One of the first pears of the season – in our area it ripens around early- to mid-August.


OHxF97, Standard rootstock, 18-22′

Updated 8/23/2021