Rhododendron prinophyllum- Roseshell Azalea – 3 Gallon


One of the two pink-flowered azaleas native to the Catskills, the other being Pinxterbloom, R. periclymenoides. Roseshell Azalea is the more fragrant of the two.

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These were sent to us from a grower as Coast Azalea, R. atlanticum, which they assuredly are not. That species is a low moundy azalea with bluish-green foliage. The plants that arrived are starkly upright. Moreover, the flower fragrance, form, glandular hairs on the corolla tube and pubescent flower buds all suggest R. prinophyllum. One plant amongst are offerings has a little yellow tinge to the flowers suggesting some introgression from one of the xanthic-flowered species like R. austrinum. So these may not all be pure R. prinophyllum, but most are going to be pretty darn close.