Rubus ‘Polana’ – Red Fall Raspberry – 2-Gallon


Ripening at least three weeks earlier than ‘Heritage’, ‘Polana’ allows you to grow fall varieties in more northern locations (or higher elevations of the Catskills) and still produce a great crop (you won’t lose any of the crop to early fall frosts). Released by Brzezna, the Experiment Station of the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture at Skierniewice, Poland, this highly productive variety has berries that are large, glossy in appearance, and coherent, with good flavor. Canes are vigorous and grow shorter than those of ‘Heritage’. Berries begin to ripen in early August in our area. This timing helps fill the gap between summer and later-ripening fall raspberries. ‘Polana’ benefits from a good feeding in May and June.


Updated 28 January 2024