Rubus occidentalis ‘Niwot’- Fall Black Raspberry- 2 Gallon, 1-Year


Introduced by Peter Tallman, a private breeder in Colorado, ‘Niwot’ produces berries in the fall on primocanes, ripening from late August until frost. It will also produce a good floricane crop, ripening slightly earlier than ‘Jewel’. ‘Niwot’ is highly productive, and has attractive, shiny fruit. The berry is equal in size to ‘Jewel’, though the flavor is slightly less intense. It is a vigorous variety, and benefits from trellising with plants spaced about 3-4 feet apart. ‘Niwot’ appears to have similar winter hardiness to ‘Jewel’ (zone 5) and is hardy throughout most of our area; it’s perhaps a bit marginal at higher elevations of the Catskills.