Rubus occidentalis ‘Ohio’s Treasure’ – Fall Black Raspberry – 2-Gallon, 1-Year


Fall-bearing or primocane-fruiting black raspberries were first discovered way back in 1832 by Nicholas Longworth, a self-made millionaire banker from Cincinnati, who named his find ‘Ohio Everbearing’. His discovery soon fell out of favor and is no longer available. ‘Ohio’s Treasure’ is not a descendent of ‘Ohio Everbearing’ – it has a more complicated horticultural history. It’s a hybrid between Fall-bearing Red Raspberries and standard, Summer-bearing Black Raspberries. Included among the parents are ‘Josephine’ and ‘Caroline’ (red raspberries) and ‘Dundee’ and ‘Jewel’ (black raspberries).  It bears berries on, in order of ripening, (1) floricanes, (2) large basal floricane trusses, (3) untipped primocanes, and (4) tipped primocanes. Berries are produced from late June through mid-October with a brief hiatus in early August.