Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis ‘Bob Gordon’ – American Black Elderberry – 2-Gallon


A thriving commercial elderberry industry has recently sprung up in Arkansas and Missouri – we offer two selections from this area – this variety and ‘Wyldewood.’ A selection from the wild in Missouri by Mr. Bob Gordon, this variety has large pendant fruit clusters that are harder for birds to forage from than the upright clusters typical of elderberry. It also produces berries very productively on new wood, allowing it to be cut to the ground when dormant – the resulting compact form makes harvesting easier.  ‘Bob Gordon’ fruits have very high sugar content making it one of the top choices for elderberry wine. Yields are improved with cross-pollination, so include at least one other variety in your planting.


An informal shrub of moist woods, fields and roadsides that is useful for both humans and wildlife. The dome of frothy white flowers can be made into Elderberry Fritters (ask us for a recipe). The purplish-black, sugary berries are a favorite of birds – if you can beat the birds to them berries can be made into a jelly or juice, or frozen for use in pancakes or muffins. Folk herbalists use almost all parts of the plant for various conditions.