Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis ‘York’ – American Black Elderberry- 3 Gallon


Many elderberry cultivars are simply selections from the wild. ‘York’ is the result of a breeding program at Cornell University for productivity and fruit size. The Geneva Experiment Station introduced ‘York’ in 1964. Its berries ripen later than others. Grows 8-12 ft. tall. Self-fertile, but usually sets fruit better if you have a second variety around for cross-pollination.


An informal shrub of moist woods, fields and roadsides that is useful for both humans and wildlife. The dome of frothy white flowers can be made into Elderberry Fritters (ask us for a recipe). The purplish-black, sugary berries are a favorite of birds – if you can beat the birds to them berries can be made into a jelly or juice, or frozen for use in pancakes or muffins. Folk herbalists use almost all parts of the plant for various conditions.