Sambucus nigra ssp. nigra ‘Marge’- European Black Elderberry (Non-native) – 2-Gallon


From ‘Marge’: A European Elderberry for North American Producers

Marge is an open-pollinated seedling of S. nigra subsp. nigra ‘Haschberg’, which is one of the most popular elderberry cultivars grown in Europe. At three Missouri locations, ‘Marge’ significantly out-performed and out-yielded eight American elderberries. ‘Marge’ achieved budbreak later, flowered earlier, suffered less Eriophyid mite damage, was taller, produced larger berries, and yielded significantly greater amounts of fruit. It is an exceptionally robust and drought-resistant elderberry. Most European elderberries do not perform well in the USA. ‘Marge’ is an exception. ‘Marge’ does not fruit on first-year wood, and will therefore require a different pruning regimen compared with American elderberry for success in North American production.