Sassafras albidum – Sassafras – 7-Gallon


One of our most important trees for wildlife and a top notch ornamental as well. Small yellow flowers are followed, just after the peak of summer, on female trees, by a showy display of 1/2” oblong, dark blue fruits held on red pedicels. Most of the time this display goes unnoticed because it occurs above eye level. Birds notice it though – they quickly take the fruit and leave the red pedicels behind. Sassafras foliage is eaten by one of our most common butterflies, the spicebush swallowtail. The display of yellow, orange and red foliage in the fall rivals and often surpasses Sugar Maple in its brilliance. Difficult to transplant from the wild, but easy to establish from container grown plants.

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Laurel family (Lauraceae)

Updated 28 September 2023