Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Twilight Zone’ – Little Bluestem – 2-Gallon


‘Twilight Zone’ stands out for its iridescent, silvery mauve color that appears in midsummer. These beautiful pastel tones intensify in fall when bright purple highlights appear. It has a full, upright columnar shape. Its soft colors blend beautifully with other perennials. Introduced by Walters Gardens, Zeeland, MI.


One of the most characteristic grasses of Tallgrass Prairies and common in old fields in theCatskills. Clump-forming and fine-textured with delicate inflorescences that become silvery and noticeably attractive when side-lit or back-lit by the Autumn or early Winter sun. You can help seed-eating birds that overwinter in our area by waiting to trim grasses back to the ground until early to mid spring.

Grass family, Poaceae

Updated 15 September 2022