Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Blue Heaven’ – Little Bluestem – 2-Gallon


‘Blue Heaven’ was selected in Minnesota. It has a taller, more upright habit that does not tend to flop. Foliage is a bright steel blue color with purple highlights, looking almost iridescent up close. Fall color is kaleidoscopic –  a mix of purple, blue, red, pink, burgundy, and orange pigments.


One of the most characteristic grasses of Tallgrass Prairies and common in old fields in theCatskills. Clump-forming and fine-textured with delicate inflorescences that become silvery and noticeably attractive when side-lit or back-lit by the Autumn or early Winter sun.  You can help seed-eating birds that overwinter in our area by waiting to trim grasses back to the ground until early to mid spring.

Grass family, Poaceae

Updated 15 September 2022