Stewartia ovata – Mountain Stewartia


The most winter-hardy of the Stewartias – Zone 5 – it will do well in our valleys but could be a risk at higher elevations of the Catskills. In the Tea family, this small tree is related to Camellias and is sometimes called Mountain Camellia. Flowers have five wrinkled petals with a crisped rim – their substance and form are beautiful. They bloom a few at a time so the plant is never covered in blooms, but this is still an aristocratic plant and rarely available. All of our plants are grown from seed produced by two trees that we obtained from Lower Marlboro Nursery in Maryland 20+ years ago. They have proven slow-growing but quite winter hardy.

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Updated 23 October 2021

Tea Family – Theaceae

We are sold out of 1-Gallon containers. Two trees on the nursery grounds have started flowering and producing seeds abundantly and we should have a good supply of the tree moving forward. However, for 2022 any trees we will have available will be quite small (guessing 3-5″) 2nd year seedlings.