Symphyotrichum patens – Clasping Aster – 1 quart


This aster is almost impossible to find in horticulture, even at native plant nurseries. We’re not sure why it’s not grown more often – it has quite nice size flowers on a fairly compact plant. It has a long bloom season, starting in August before most other asters and continues blooming right into October – indeed another common name, Late Purple Aster, reflects its extended bloom season. Clasping Aster is primarily a southern plant, reaching the northern limit of its range in southeastern New York and Massachusetts – we collected seeds for our plants in Dutchess Co. While it tolerates some shade, it prefers sunny conditions and well-drained soil – indeed its tolerance for drought makes it a good candidate for a xeriscape garden.

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Aster family (Asteraceae)

Updated 29 February 2024