Taxodium distichum Shawnee Brave™ – Baldcypress – 7-Gallon


From the Missouri Botanical Garden: “…narrow pyramidal cultivar that typically grows with a strong central leader to 50-75′ tall and to 15-20′ wide. It has a narrower shape and denser foliage than species trees.”


Updated 9 October 2021

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This quintessential tree of southern bayous is surprisingly adaptable. It’s cold hardy throughout the Catskills and needs only moist soil to thrive, not a bayou. It’s an obvious choice for pond side or a sunny, wet swale. Think of it as a native alternative to Weeping Willow. The foliage turns amber yellow in fall before falling. Most Bald Cypresses live about 500 years, the record is over 1,000. This is a tree to plant not only for your grandchildren but for many generations to come.