Trillium cuneatum – Whippoorwill Flower – 1-Quart


One of the earliest Trilliums to flower with faintly sweet, maroon-colored flowers that sit atop beautifully marbled foliage. Native to the southern Appalachians – its stronghold occurs on limestone bluffs from southern Kentucky to northern Alabama where thousands of plants per acre will carpet the forest floor. The largest of the eastern sessile Trilliums, it’s a vigorous grower, cold hardy up to at least the lower elevations of the Catskills, and a reliable presence in woodland gardens. Like many Trilliums that are not indigenous to the Catskills, seed production has been negligible – perhaps we don’t have the insects that normally pollinate the plant.


Updated 23 October 2021

Lily family – Liliaceae

Presently dormant. Available Spring 2022