Trillium flexipes – Bent Trillium – 2-Quart


Bent Trillium is a robust, tall plant that can be distinguished from the white form of Purple Trillium (T. erectum var. album) by its white ovary (the ovary of Purple Trillium is dark maroon-red to purple-black). Bent Trillium is most common west of the Appalachian Mountains and south of the Great Lakes where it inhabits rich wooded slopes and wooded flood plains, usually on calcareous soils. It’s adaptable though – we’ve had good success growing it in the more acidic soils of the Catskills. Flowers are long-lasting and, as described in Frederick and Roberta Case’s excellent book on Trillums,  emit a faint to strong odor of old garden roses.


Updated 23 October 2021

Lily family – Liliaceae

Presently dormant. Available Spring 2022

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