Trillium recurvatum – Prairie Trillium – 1-Quart


A long-stemmed inhabitant of flood plains and low woods in the Mississippi River basin, with thin, mottled leaves and 1” maroon flowers that nestle amidst the leaves. The sepals are strongly recurved, hence the specific epithet. An easy species to grow and one that spreads reasonably quickly (for a Trillium) through rhizomes. Its distributional stronghold is Illinois and Indiana; it occurs sporadically southward to Texas and Louisiana. Soils in these midwestern states tend to be limy, and while Prairie Trillium prefers a somewhat limy soil, it’s proven quite adaptable to our more acidic soils. Companions: Wild Hyacinth, Virginia Bluebells, Hepatica, and Toad Trillium.


Photo by Cbaile19, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 23 October 2021

Lily family – Liliaceae

Presently dormant. Available Spring 2022