Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Bluegold’ – Highbush Blueberry – 1 Gallon


A 1989 release from the USDA that ripens toward the end of the midseason. Very high production of truly superior fruit; ripening is concentrated, with harvesting in 1 or 2 picks. The medium-sized berries are very firm, flavorful and evenly-sized with a small recessed scar. They have a long storage life. ‘Bluegold’ is a vigorous but compact grower, topping out at about 4’ high and wide and is one of the better varieties for an edible landscape. Fall foliage and winter wood are a golden yellow.

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‘Bluegold’ is a cross between a halfhigh blueberry and a highbush blueberry – so it’s often called a 3/4high variety.


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