Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Blueray’- Highbush Blueberry


An early mid-season variety with very large, sweet to pleasantly tart berries. Waxy green leaves turn a brilliant, flaming red in the fall. Bush habit is upright and open to 4-6 feet. Introduced in 1955 from the USDA breeding program in New Jersey, ‘Blueray’ has been the best producer in our own planting – we highly recommend it along with ‘Bluecrop’ and ‘Duke’ for early to mid-season harvest. All blueberries are more productive and have larger berries when you plant more than one variety. However, if you only have room for one shrub, ‘Blueray’ is a good choice because it is reasonably self-fruitful.

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Updated 24 February 2023

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