Vaccinium vitis-idaea ssp. vitis-idaea – European Lingonberry


Lingonberry is a circumboreal plant, growing in cool temperate to subarctic locations in North America, Europe and Asia. The tart fruit is incorporated into jams, syrups, and baked goods, such as pies, scones, and muffins. The European subspecies (vitis-idaea) has a long history of cultivation and numerous varieties have been selected for improved fruit production. The more diminutive North American subspecies (minus) is harvested from the wild in Canada but becomes rarer further south – absent from New York State, it does occur in the Berkshire Mts of Massachusetts. Prefers a bit of shade from hot afternoon sun and consistently moist, acidic soil. If you have success growing blueberries, you can grow lingonberries. Not self-fruitful. Plant more than one variety for cross-pollination. We have ‘Erntedank’ ‘Erntestegen’ and ‘Magenta’.

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1-Pint, 3-Quart