Vernonia fasciculata – Smooth Ironweed – 1.25-Quart


A tall, clumping plant crowned with rich purple blooms that attract butterflies. In contrast to other species of Ironweed, the flowers in this species are bunched in broccoli-shaped heads rather than loose, open panicles. For us it’s the first Ironweed to bloom – you can extend your Ironweed season by including this species in your garden. An inhabitant of wet prairies and marshes, primarily in the Midwest. Often called Smooth Ironweed because its leaves, stems and flower heads are distinctively glabrous. Combine with Queen of the Prairie, Hibiscus, Swamp Milkweed, Turtlehead, Joe-Pye Weeds, and Dense Blazing Star.

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Aster family (Asteraceae)

Available Spring ’24

Updated 13 October 2023