Vernonia x ‘Summer’s Swan Song’ – Ironweed – 1.25-Quart


Similar to ‘Iron Butterfly in texture and habit, this Ironweed is taller with larger, deep purple flowers that pollinators adore. Long bloom season. Its disease resistant foliage flushes red-purple in fall, adding to its appeal. Forms a sturdy, upright clump of interlocking stems that won’t flop. Developed by Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanic Garden by crossing Narrowleaf Ironweed (V. lettermannii) from the Ozark Mountains and Tall Ironweed (V. angustifolia ‘Plum Peachy’) from the southeast. Despite its southerly origins this variety is cold hardy throughout most of our area.

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Aster family (Asteraceae)

Updated 13 October 2023