Viburnum lentago – Nannyberry – 5-Gallon


The largest native Viburnum and quite culturally adaptable – it grows well in all but dense shade and in a variety of soil conditions, though it prefers moist soils. In sunny conditions it develops a dense form that can be effective screening, though in shadier spots it develops more of an umbrella form and doesn’t stay dense down low. The fruits are edible with a taste that has been described as somewhere between a prune and a banana. Unfortunately, the seeds are large and there is little pulp – mostly you’ll just leave them for birds – brown thrashers in particular are reported to love them. Creamy-white flower clusters in Spring are reasonably showy and attractive to pollinators. Though nannyberry is not immune to Viburnum Leaf Beetle, wild plants at the nursery never seem to suffer much damage.

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Updated 21 September 2001