Vitis ‘Beta’ – Blue Seeded Grape – 2-Gallon


Primarily grown for its very flavorful juice and jelly, this cross between ‘Concord’ and a selection of Riverbank Grape (Vitis riparia) named ‘Carver’ is extremely cold hardy (zone 2) and disease resistant. You can even try it for wine but by most accounts Beta wine tends to be quite poor. The berries are blue, slipskin, small and tart – and a bit too seedy to be used as a table grape. ‘Beta’ was bred by Louis Suelter in the late 1800s, and named for his wife. Because of this, the proper pronunciation is actually “Bett-uh”. Ripens in our area in mid to late September. A very vigorous grower, make sure you provide a sturdy arbor or other support.

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4 in stock on 3 September 2021