Vitis ‘John Viola’- Seeded Blue Grape- 2 Gallon


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A chance seedling found near Rochester, New Hampshire in the 1970’s. Named by Professor Elwyn Meader for the man on whose property the grape was found. The grape appears to have both V. labrusca and V. riparia in it’s background. The small berries are deep blue, seeded, and come in cylindrical clusters. The flavor is a mild labrusca with some of the herbaceous flavor of riparia. Not exceptional as a table grape, but it makes intensely colored juice and may have use in wine. Lacks the sharp acidity usually found in riparia hybrids. Very productive with three clusters per shoot being common. Vigor is good without being excessive. Cold hardy to at least zone 4. Good general disease resistance. Ripens at least four to five weeks before Concord.