Wisteria macrostachya Summer Cascade™ – Kentucky Wisteria – 5-Gallon


Summer Cascade™ was found growing in the yard of one Betty Matthews from White Bear Lake, Minnesota near Minneapolis/Saint Paul. It has been in her garden since the 1930s. Since Kentucky wisteria is not native to Minnesota it must have been brought to her garden from a more southern population, perhaps from the northern limit of the species range in Missouri, Illinois or Michigan. It’s very similar to another selection from Minnesota, ’Blue Moon’ but is supposed to be a little more cold hardy and a little bit later blooming. Flowers are a beautiful lavender-blue, borne in 7-12”-long racemes and are lightly fragrant. 



Pea family – Fabaceae / Leguminosae

Photo by Dcrjsr, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 25 November 2022