Xanthorhiza simplicissima – Yellowroot


One of the most adaptable, care-free groundcovers but virtually unknown in horticulture. It’s found primarily in the Appalachian Mts – in New York it’s native to eastern Long Island and in Westchester, Columbia and Schenectady counties – so it’s absent from the Catskills but grows well here. There’s nothing spectacular about the plant – the flowers are small and a muddy purplish color – perhaps it’s most ornamental feature is its reddish-gold fall foliage. It shines, though, as a tallish groundcover, perfect for filling in spaces in the woodland garden, but also in dry shade and even dryish, sunny locales.


Buttercup Family, Ranunculaceae

Photo by Kenraiz, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 25 November 2022

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