Zanthoxylum americanum – Toothache Tree


A small tree in the citrus family – yes, this is a relative of lemons, limes and oranges. Because of its preference for calcareous soils it occurs primarily in the Hudson Valley in our area. Thorny twigs are covered with chartreuse flowers that give rise to ornamental red fruits that split open to reveal lustrous black seeds on female trees. The fruits are attractive to birds. Giant Swallowtail caterpillars feed on this species – formerly unknown in the Catskills, this butterfly is being seen increasingly – help support it by planting this small tree in your yard.

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Rue family, Rutaceae

We are growing this plant from local (Hudson Valley) seed but there hasn’t been much seed production the last few years from our long-term collection sites. In 2022 we found a new site with excellent seed production – we may have some seedlings in 2023, but more likely we won’t have plants available until 2024

Photo by Krzysztof Golik, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons